How to get the most out of your web host

People often come to us asking how to make their hosting better or faster. Quite honestly, there's not a whole lot that goes into the basics of hosting. [...]

How to Create a WordPress Site

Before we begin, please refer to your welcome email to ensure you have all your login information. The subject is "Sparked Hosting- cPanel Information". If you don't know [...]

Which plugins should you install?

We get asked often about which WordPress plugins we recommend. We'd like to take a moment to list out a couple of our favorites and why we like [...]

What is cache and why is it important?

Caching is the process of storing information in a readily accessible format for later use. Normally, every time you access a web page, the server has to go [...]

WordPress File Permissions

Wordpress sites should have the following permissions on all files inside the site's installation: Directories: 755 Files: 644 If you are looking for a somewhat automated solution, you [...]

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