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Sparked Hosting F.A.Q.

We Provide Customers Access To Our Full KB. Here’s A Sample:

Load Balancing is like having a call center: You dial one number and then the phone system relays your call to an available representative. The more representatives you have in your call center, the more call traffic you can handle and the more resistant you are to any one operator calling in sick.

Load balancing servers much the same function. It provides a means of spreading traffic out over multiple nodes to increase both capacity and reliability of your website.

Of course! While we cannot offer free web design, we are more than happy to set up WordPress for you to get you started.

We perform nightly backups of all sites in our network and maintain daily backups for five days. We also retain a weekly backup for 2 weeks and one monthly backup. This means you can sleep easy knowing that your site is backed up and ready to be restored in case your site has a problem.

Never! We hate lock-in. We’ve even committed to not introducing any specific interfaces for managing our platform that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. The only thing more annoying than being locked into a contract is having to re-learn how to manage your site after you do manage to get away from a provider you don’t like! We will work hard to gain your trust and love. If things don’t work out, we want you to at least have an easy time walking away.

NGINX is a high-speed web server, configured as a caching server and a micro cache. If your site goes from 5 visitors per month to 500 concurrent, know that NGINX is prepared for that and won’t give up the ghost when it happens.

Absolutely! Just open a support ticket and we will get back to you with the information needed to move forward.

Of course we sell domains! That being said, we are HUGE supporters of NameCheap to the point that we just linked you to them without a referral link. They do a fantastic job of providing domain names and give you free privacy protection with every domain purchased. We believe we provide faster hosting but they beat us on the services they offer for domains and that’s okay!

You may have noticed we don’t talk about how many sites you can host on any given package. That’s because we don’t put that kind of restriction on our customers. We are giving you a certain amount of space on our servers and committing to providing you with a specific amount of bandwidth. Beyond that, you can do what you want with the space you’ve got.

We do not limit your usage of our platform to a particular number of visits per month or domains. We believe that you should be rewarded for making your site small and nimble by allowing you to serve more customers with the bandwidth that we’ve made available. Your efficiency makes things easier on our server.

Please keep in mind that if you “go viral” and use up your transfer limit, you will have to upgrade to a higher tier before you run out of data. If this is a concern of yours, we offer “Going Viral” as an add-on, which will allow your site to use more than the allotted space and bill for additional bandwidth at a discounted rate.

This is a more complicated question that relies heavily on how your site and it’s themes/plugins were built. We cover this in our blog in detail.

Of course we like turtles!

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