VPS and Dedicated

Fast Hosts. Never Over-Provisioned.

VPS Pricing

When you need your own environment, we’ve got you covered.

We custom size your VPS to your environment. There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” in the world of VPSs and we know it. Give us a call and tell us what you need. We’ll work together to provide the right size with the right amount of speed for your business.

Dedicated Servers

For clients that have the highest demands.

For those clients that need a dedicated server to host their operations, we’ve got you covered. Because the needs of these customers differ greatly from case to case, we do not provide pre-configured pricing for these products. We’ve found it best to work closely with these customers to find the perfect fit for their business needs and also makes their accountants happy.


VPS hosting is very simple (even simpler than cPanel hosting). We provide you a Virtual Private Server(VPS) that is hosted from one of our larger machines. You choose what you want on it and enjoy the most flexibility we could possibly offer. Having your own VPS means that you can load whatever software you want on your host and enjoy the speed that Sparked Hosting brings to the table.

We aren’t the cheapest. We will never claim to be. What we are is fast and reliable. Our servers are housed in a tier 3 data center with redundant power, network, and cooling. Our servers use multiple SSD in a RAID10 configuration for more speed than other “SSD” VPS providers. Our host machines are designed to never need reboots. We have backup plans available if you choose to take us up on the offer (we highly suggest you do). When we say we are built from the ground up for speed and reliability, it’s not just marketing. It’s our commitment to our customers.